Podcast: Coming out of Lockdown

In our first podcast with AHUA members, Paul Greatrix, Registrar at the University of Nottingham, interviews fellow university leaders about the challenges of COVID-19 and coming out of lockdown.

On the podcast

Paul asks his group of Registrars and Chief Operating Officers to share:

  • What they have learned about themselves whilst working from home
  • How the experience has impacted on themselves and their institutions
  • Whether they feel confident about re-opening their campuses
  • How they envisage their teams working post-pandemic.

The group also considers the future of the sector, and the role they would like to see the government play in supporting HE, both through the pandemic and beyond.

Covering a wide range of issues, the interviewees throw light on the complexity of leading in uncertain times. They share their experiences – both positive and negative – of managing staff and students in a time of crisis.

Listen to the podcast

About the speakers

  • Paul Greatrix is Registrar at the University of Nottingham
  • Patrick Hackett is Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer at the University of Manchester
  • Niamh Lamond is Chief Operating Officer at Ulster University
  • Paula Sanderson is Registrar at SOAS.