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Scottish Secretaries, Summer 2021

The Scottish Secretaries’ Group is part of Universities Scotland and acts simultaneously as the AHUA's Scottish group. Its chair is Dr Jim McGeorge,…

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Cyber Security – Strengthening Organisational Resilience to Attack


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AHUA South, Summer 2021

The AHUA South group is chaired by Matthew Andrews, University Secretary and Registrar, University of Gloucestershire. …

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AHUA Midlands, Summer 2021

The AHUA Midlands group is chaired by June Hughes, University Secretary and Registrar, University of Derby. …

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AHUA North, Summer 2021

The AHUA North group is chaired by Tony Strike, University Secretary, University of Sheffield. …

Online Meeting

Leadership Transitions at the Top: Arriving, Surviving & Thriving


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AHUA London, Summer 2021

The AHUA London group is chaired by Ian Callaghan, Chief Resource Officer and Secretary, University of East Anglia. …

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