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Cyber Security – Strengthening Organisational Resilience to Attack

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Join Jon Baldwin, MD of HE, Henry Hughes, Security Director at Jisc and a panel of AHUA colleagues (John Hogan, Sharon Harrison-Barker and Jo Clague) whose institutions have suffered recent cyber attacks, to discuss and explore cyber security issues in general, the recent spate of Ransomware attacks in universities and the implications for institutions.

Universities continue to be targeted as part of an ongoing ransomware campaign, causing extensive damage and lengthy, expensive disruption. Organised criminal groups,  operating internationally, have found companies prepared to make ransom payments, as their digital estates are held hostage.

UK education and research have been the target of a number of these campaigns over the last 9 months with over 20 organisations impacted. The changes in tactics seen include an awareness of the sensitivity of the exam results, clearing and student enrolment periods and targeting of organisations during the evenings and over the weekends, when detection and response time may be decreased. Ransomware now presents an ongoing threat to organisations’ digital estates.

This session will discuss the approaches that can be taken within organisational governance structures and risk management to make organisations more resilient to attack.

Following a brief introduction, Jon will facilitate a discussion between members who have experienced disruption with a focus on recovery and the broader implications for risk management and governance.