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AHUA Peer Support Group

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We are aware that members are dealing with very challenging situations in their institutions at the moment. Firefighting, as many are, for what may be an extended period of time, will require great levels of resilience and energy. To help support you with these challenges, this informal, virtual group will meet to discuss approaches, learning and strategies for dealing with COVID-19 and to offer mutual support.  The group will consist of 7 members and will be facilitated by AHUA Associate, Kim Newton-Woof.

What members have said about previous sessions:

“It was really good to be able to share problems and insights with colleagues who have a deep understanding of the work and to reaffirm that we are not alone in the issues we face. I think these kinds of meetings are more valuable now than they ever were and the more AHUA is able to convene the better”.
Irene Birrell, King’s College London

“It gave time to be able to think of something else other than my own immediate situation.  It also helped to understand that other Registrars are having the same issues and to get the wisdom from more experienced peers”.
Sharon Harrison-Barker, University of Hertfordshire

“It really was like any other action learning set and so comforting to see familiar faces and reconnect with a valued network”.
Sharon Tuersley, University of Warwick