Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join AHUA?
The annual membership fee is £1,490 per institution. The same fee applies to both UK and Associate Members. This allows two members of staff at the appropriate level to benefit from AHUA services and attend our events and conferences. A membership application form can be downloaded here.
How often are regional meetings held?
Each of AHUA’s five regions holds meetings three or four times a year. For information about the dates of future meetings, see the Regional Group pages on the site.
I’ve heard that AHUA members can join the FDA (union for senior civil servants). Is this the case?
AHUA has brokered an agreement with the FDA for AHUA members to join the organisation. The FDA will provide advice/representation and public relations advice to members. For obvious reasons, it has not been asked to undertake collective bargaining, but there is the facility for it to represent the collective interests of members who might be affected by a particular policy proposal. Contact
What’s the best way to contact other AHUA members?
AHUA has a members only Forum. This is a secure system where messages can only be viewed by members. (See Forums under the Membership tab in the Members’ Area of the site). You can also view all members’ contact details here too (NB – you will need to be logged in to use the forums and see membership details). In addition, you can request an Excel file of AHUA members’ details from the AHUA office.