Learning Sets for Directors / Heads of Professional Services


The AHUA is offering online learning sets for Professional Service Directors and Heads starting in April 2022.

Sets will consist of a maximum of eight participants drawn from a variety of institutions and functions.

The deadline for applications is Friday 18th March 2022.  An application form is available from the 'Related Resources' section below.

Dates of learning set meetings will be agreed with participants once sets have been put together.

Why we are offering this

AHUA members have identified a need for an initiative to help senior staff broaden their networks, not just across institutions but across disciplines as well.  Being able to call on the experience of colleagues from other functions and types of institution is invaluable in developing a deeper understanding of the sector and in dealing with issues and challenges that are not within the usual scope of the role.


By arranging these sets, we aim to:

  • provide cost-effective, pandemic-proof personal development for senior staff, allowing them to connect with others and bring new ideas into the institution
  • help functional leads network, share best practice and broaden experience outside their specialist areas
  • provide cost effective and time effective continued development at a time when functions are operating under increasingly pressured and challenging circumstances.

The Offer

  • Five half day sessions (9am to 1pm), held online every two months
  • Maximum eight participants with similar levels of experience, from different institutions
  • A broad mix of functional areas
  • Professional facilitation by an AHUA coach
  • Starting in April 2022

Learn about the benefits of these Learning Sets from John Hogan


AHUA member institutions: £950 (VAT exempt)

AHUA non-member institutions: £1,500 (VAT exempt)

How to apply

Download the form in the Related Resources section below and return it to Catherine Webb, Executive Secretary, AHUA by Friday 18th March 2022.

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