Learning Sets

Access to a network of peers with whom to share and discuss current issues in a confidential and supportive environment is invaluable. AHUA Learning Sets enable this to happen by bringing together members in small groups of 6-8 people, initially for 5 facilitated sessions, to focus on topical work-based issues and to explore effective ways of dealing with them.

The purpose of learning sets or ‘action' learning sets as they are often called, is to offer an ongoing process of learning and reflection as part of a group. The members of the group work with each other on a ‘live issue', offering challenge and support to each other in the consideration of each issue. It is a collaborative learning approach which builds on the relationship between experience (action) and reflection.

Sets usually meet on a regular basis (approximately every two months) for five meetings.

The AHUA has a successful track record of offering learning sets for members; 98 members are either taking part or have participated in an AHUA set to date.

If you are interested in being involved in a set, please contact Catherine Webb , AHUA Executive Secretary.

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